GP Total Car Kit
GP Total Car Kit

GP Total Car Kit

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Combine the hydrophobic performance, durability, and shine of GP's two best-selling protection products to offer complete vehicle protection.

Bundle and Save! Save $10+ when you buy the kit

Glass and paint protection performance that's trusted and proven among the most skilled and successful detailers in the world.

Our Glass Coating is a 10-minute application, cures immediately, low-cost & high profit, is warranty-backed to maintain repellency performance over 3 years, and includes an optional customer retention program. 

Our Graphene Coating is easy-to-work with due to extended working time, extremely glossy and resistant to water-spotting compared to traditional ceramic coatings, and provides 5+ years of durability*.

*With proper maintenance. 3 years with 1 layer, 5+ years with 2 layers



*Microfiber colors may vary based on availability

2-Car Profit Potential: $2,500+

Here's a simplified scenario illustrating the profit that can be made from the products included in this bundle based on real numbers provided by one of our customers...

Customer #1 - GP Complete Protection Bundle:

Revenue: $2000 for Paint Correction + Graphene Coating + All Glass coated with GP Glass Treatment
Labor Cost: 10 hours @ $65/hr. = $650
JOB PROFIT: $1,350

Customer #2 - GP Graphene Coating + GP Windshield ONLY:

Revenue: $1800 for Paint Correction + Graphene Coating + Windshield coated with GP Glass Treatment
Labor Cost: 8 hours @ $65/hr. = $520
JOB PROFIT: $1,280

Total Job Profits: $2,630
Protection Product Cost: 
$118.95 + $7.95 Shipping

Product Application:

Glass Treatment: Download Full Instructions and Product Information
Graphene Coating: How to Apply a Graphene Coating


Wash hands and face thoroughly after handling
Wear protective gloves and eye/face protection
Avoid breathing vapors
Use only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area
Keep away from heat, sparks, and open flame

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