Coating Applicator Pads
Coating Applicator Pads
Coating Applicator Pads
Coating Applicator Pads

Coating Applicator Pads

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Our Applicators are custom-made to check all of the boxes in your search for a premium microfiber pad.

The exterior features premium fibers to hold the perfect amount of product for a streak-free application while being gentle enough for all surfaces. The Interior of the pad features a dense foam core to prevent pressure points that would result in an uneven application of product. Finally, a hydrophobic barrier is sewn into both sides of the pad, to avoid any excess product from being absorbed into the core. 

Size: 5" x 3.5"

Interior Features: Hydrophobic Barrier

Foam Core: Dense

Faces: Double-Sided

Primary Uses:

  • Ceramic/Graphene Coating Application
  • Sealant/Spray Coating Application
  • Interior/Exterior Dressing Application
  • Waterspot Remover Application
  • Trim/Bumper Restoration 

Recommended Products:

Ceramic Coating, Graphene Coating, Graphene Spray Coating, Boost, Tire Dressing, Trim Restorer

Applicator Packaging:

4-Pack: (4) Applicators in a plastic sealed bag
60-Pack (Case): (60) Applicators in 4-Pack sealed bags

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