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We have customers nearby with GP's Graphene Coating in their hands - they just need one of our Authorized Installers to do the work and we want to send them your way

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We're investing in a campaign to send more GP customers to our network of detailers, but we're doing things a little different...

How It Works

Customer Buys GP Coating

The customer pays for the bottle of Graphene or Ceramic Coating and we ship it directly to them.

GP Makes the Connection

If you're the closest Authorized Installer, we contact you and then make the introduction to the customer so they can work out the details with you.

New customer!

The customer hands over their car, the GP Coating bottle, and their GP Car Club Member Card.

Participation Requirements

In order to receive GlassParency customer leads, participating shops must agree to the following requirements...

  • Honor GP Car Club Member discount of 15% OFF the total price, up to a maximum discount of $200 (paint correction + coating application)
  • Use the customer provided bottle of GlassParency Graphene or Ceramic Coating on the customer vehicle
  • Timely and professional customer service

  • Why You Should Sign Up

    We're investing heavily in advertising and marketing to send more customers to our network of Authorized Installers. Here's why you should sign up to participate...

    • $0 Product Cost - the customer pays for their coating! That's a savings of $60 to $80 + cost of shipping
    • Customers, Not Leads - We're sending you customers that have committed to getting the coating done by purchasing the product. That, plus the 15% off installation incentive, means they're ready to go. You just need to seal the deal.
    • New Customers - We'll send you new customers that wouldn't have walked through the door otherwise
    • No Risk, No Contracts - no up front investment is required and no contracts locking you into using GP products exclusively