Iron Remover
Iron Remover
Iron Remover
Iron Remover
Iron Remover
Iron Remover

Iron Remover

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Use GlassParency Iron Remover to extract environmental metallic contaminants that build up in vehicle paint & wheels over time and prep for additional paint maintenance

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Features and Benefits:

  • Removes metallic contaminants from paint, rims/wheels
  • Perfect for paint corrections and surface maintenance

Product Application:

Wash vehicle first to prep the surface. After washing, make sure the surface is cool to the touch. Shake bottle well and spray liberally directly onto the surface. Wait 4-5 minutes after applying. You will notice the Iron Remover changing colors to a deep purple/red as it works to remove metallic contaminants. Rinse thoroughly using a hose or pressure washer and clean water. The vehicle is now ready for additional detailing i.e. claying

**Mask and/or respirator is recommended
**Use of latex gloves is recommended
**Use of eye protection is recommended

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