KEEP Maintenance Solution - REQUEST

KEEP Maintenance Solution - REQUEST

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Maintain the performance of a GlassParency Glass Treatment with GP's KEEP Maintenance Solution.

Each request for KEEP Maintenance Solution will be reviewed and approved for customers actively purchasing Glass Treatments and/or submitting warranties.

As an Authorized Installer, you have access to a FREE supply of our KEEP Maintenance Solution to maintain and renew the performance of client vehicles that have previously had a GlassParency Glass Treatment applied to their vehicle. KEEP will renew the hydrophobic repellency of a Glass Treatment to perform like the first day it was applied and will last for months.

One 16oz. bottle refreshes 60 to 70 windshields!

Apply seasonally to treated glass to maintain peak performance.

*Limited to 1 Bottle per Order. Requests for additional bottles of KEEP Maintenance are subject to additional charges

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