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Panel Prep

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Start with a clean slate before applying coatings or sealants by using GP Panel Prep.

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Panel Prep is a rapid flashing surface cleaner that will effortlessly allow you to remove residual contaminants to prepare the surface for a coating, wax or sealant. By using Panel prep, you're ensuring a proper bond between the treatable surface and your chosen protection product. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Cleans & decontaminates surface to ensure product effectiveness
  • Leaves the surface free of polish, detergent and streaks
  • Multi-Surface Application - safe for use on paint, clear coat, chrome, plastic and glass
  • Safe, easy and effective

Product Application:

To remove residual polishing oils, mist onto a cool surface and gently wipe with a soft, clean, microfiber towel. Flip the towel periodically to avoid over saturating the towel. Wipe the surface until the product flashes and dissipates. To remove waxes/sealants, follow the same procedure above and repeat until all hydrophobic properties are no longer present


**Mask and/or respirator is recommended
**Use of latex gloves is recommended
**Use of eye protection is recommended

Bottle Size / Full Case Quantities:

  • 8oz / 12 Bottles
  • 16oz / 12 Bottles
  • Gallon / 4 Bottles
  • 2.5 Gallon / 1 Bottle

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