KEEP Maintenance Formula Application - 5 PACK

KEEP Maintenance Formula Application - 5 PACK

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Use KEEP Maintenance Solution to renew the incredible repellency of a GlassParency Glass Treatment so that it performs like the first day the glass was treated.

To maintain peak performance of a GlassParency Glass Treatment, KEEP should be applied seasonally or as-needed throughout the year. One application will cover an entire windshield to rejuvenate its hydrophobic properties. 


For exterior use only. Only apply to GlassParency treated glass, in temperatures between 40º and 80ºF, out of direct sunlight.

Clean windshield using an alcohol-based glass cleaner. In a well ventilated area, open packet and unfold towelette. Wipe the towelette in a basket-weave motion across the glass surface, covering the entire windshield. Allow one minute to cure.

Remove residual chemical with an alcohol0based glass cleaner and polish with a microfiber or cloth towel. Make sure all residual chemical is removed. If residual chemical remains, use a cold wet rag to shock the chemical and buff with a clean microfiber towel to remove any remaining chemical.

NOTE: KEEP Maintenance Formula in spray form is still available free of charge to Authorized Installers upon request with any order

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